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Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Choosing the right carpet cleaning chemical is vital for any professional carpet cleaner. The carpet cleaning chemical is important in the dirt breakdown and removal process. There are a ton of professional carpet cleaning chemicals in the market. How does a professional carpet cleaner choose the right products?

Over the years, manufacturers & distributors have gone crazy in the development process. If you look at a product line from a chemical manufacturer, why is it that they have 5 different pre-sprays, 7 different extraction or rinse products, and 10 different spotters? One for every senerio??? Manufacturers, distributors, and training organizations are to blame for this overload of chemicals and information. The idea seems to be, the more confused a professional carpet cleaner becomes on which product to use on a certain fabric, a certain stain, or a certain situation, the more he/she must rely on the seller of product & information.

However, there is a break from this old school rhyme & reason. There is a manufacturer & distributor out there that can reduce the amount of chemicals your business carries. Check out CleanCraft's chemical product line. Specifically, look at their Code: Green product. This "All-in-One" carpet cleaning agent is well worth the money. Code: Green will reduce the overall amount of money you spend on chemicals by saving on chemical inventory, training, and time to clean.

CleanCraft Carpet Cleaning Product Line

Code: Green "All-in-One" Carpet Cleaning Agent


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