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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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how to start a carpet cleaning business

How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Many entreprenuers ask how to start a carpet cleaning business. We have found the best packages to start a carpet cleaning business with help from industry professionals with many years of experience.

Franchise: There are many franchises you can become a part of. The positives of a franchise is the name brand recognition and the training and marketing materials. The negatives are the costs and following ALL the rules & regulations of the franchise company. Many franchisee's pay royalties of 10% or more a year their entire business career! You can search the web for the many franchises that exist.

On Your Own: Many choose to start a carpet cleaning business on their own. This is a great way to have total control and keep your profits. However, if you don't have carpet cleaning experience, it could take a while to get going and you will learn by your mistakes. Fortunately, there is a package out there that lets you start out on your own with a little phone guidance and support throughout your business. Check out the "Starter Success Package" by CleanCraft Products, Inc. This package gives you the equipment, chemicals, and supplies you need with phone support by industry professionals.

Best of Both Worlds: The above named company, CleanCraft, also has a package called the "Deluxe Pro Package with Heat." This carpet cleaning startup package gives you the best of both worlds. You are not a franchise, you are your own business; however, the package includes a training program in which a CleanCraft representative travels to your home and trains you for 3 days. Amazing! The package includes the equipment, chemicals, & supplies you need, plus, 3 days of training on how to clean, market, equipment maintenance & repairs, pricing, etc. This package is like getting the benefits of a franchise without the continual royalties and costs.

Here is a link to CleanCraft's startup package page (contains both the "Starter" and "Deluxe" packages mentioned above): CleanCraft's How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business packages.

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