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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Carpet Cleaning Upholstery, Detailer, & Stair Tools

carpet cleaning upholstery toolsCarpet cleaning upholstery, detailer, and stair tools are all called carpet cleaning hand tools. However, there are differences between these carpet cleaning tools. Carpet cleaning upholstery tools usually have less of an angle from the head to the handle (see Img 1). Carpet cleaning detailer tools usually have a larger angle for better reach (see Img 2). Carpet cleaning stair tools come in all types of shapes and sizes (see Img 3). However, carpet cleaning stair tools are usually larger for better stair cleaning.


carpet cleaning detailer toolsThere are also differences on the Head Spray Types: Open Spray (also called external spray), Internal Spray, and Closed Spray. Open spray tools do not have anything surrounding the jet (Img 1). So, even though the tool may be 4-inches wide, what is stopping the jet from spraying wider? An internal spray tool cuts a hole through the vacuum chamber (not shown). The benefit of this tools is that it does not overspray. However, the downside is a loss of suction power and the spray fighting against dirty water & suction in the vacuum chamber. The closed spray tool builds a second chamber around the jet to house the jet (Img 2). This gives the tool overspray protection without cutting a hole in the vacuum chamber.

carpet cleaning stair toolsA great selection of upholstery, detailer, stair, and other hand tools at the best prices can be found here: Carpet Cleaning Hand Tools.

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