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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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portable carpet cleaning machines equipment

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines Equipment

Portable carpet cleaning machines are "must have" equipment that professional carpet cleaners carry at all times. Portable extractors provide access to cleaning areas that truck mounts cannot give. Plus, the ever growing environmental factors have given portables a big rise in the market place.

Portable extractors can be in additional to other carpet cleaning equipment such as truck mounts, or can be a total replacement for it. Most portable carpet cleaning machines cannot give the power of a truck mount. However, with technology today, there are a few on the market that can!

One such "Truck mount power" portable carpet cleaning machine is the Eclipse High Powered Extractor. This extractor has both the power and the features to replace high operating cost truck mounts.

Here are some reasons carpet cleaning companies are moving away from truck mounts and to high powered portables:

1) High Gas Costs - It costs and arm & a leg to run your truck mount

2) Higher Insurance Costs - Face it, there is more liability (tripping over hoses, hot hoses outside, etc) and higher equipment costs to insure.

3) Repair Costs - Equipment breaks down. It is usually much quicker, easier, & cheaper to fix a portable vs. a truck mount.

4) Closed Door Policies - Many commercial establishments require the doors to be shut and locked after hours. Unless you have a paid security guard, you can't do the job with a truck mount.

5) Environmental - You can't dump your dirty water in the rainwater sewers in the street. So, many truck mount operators get a permit to dump at the local dump site. How much time is wasted every day traveling to the dump site and waiting in line to dump? Also, everyone is going "Green." A portable is much more environmentally friendly than a truck mount.

Check out the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor. You will be glad you did!

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